How to Get Into College

Varsity soccer, varsity basketball, varsity track, student council president, math fair gold medalist, eight AP classes, piano lessons, orchestra, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, leadership awards, hospital volunteer… the list goes on and on. These are just a few of the many achievements of a typical high school student today. There’s no such thing as an “overachiever” anymore. Every student today is expected to be an overachiever, and admissions offices at top colleges won’t accept anything less.

As a student, the idea of “building your resume” is repeated again and again, starting as early as elementary school. Yet when the time comes to actually build that resume or get those college applications ready, the task is daunting and exhausting. I remember the stress of applying to college – not wanting to forget a single detail that might give me an edge over the next student; or having four versions of my resume saved on my desktop and being completely unsure which was the copy I wanted to send because each was updated and edited sporadically, sometimes even by my mother. The struggle was real. I was overwhelmed.

Student Activities Tracker (SAT) erases the unnecessary hassle. From an early age, parents and students alike can use SAT to track and record every achievement – gold medals, sports championships, SAT/ACT scores, leadership roles, clubs, etc. SAT serves as the master database for all your experiences from K-12 from which you can easily access and display information. Not only is it an exciting way to track success, but SAT can literally build a customizable resume specifically for you. Getting into college should be fun!

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