Our Story

Student Activity Tracker is an online student portfolio and resume building service created by GlowTouch Technologies. We are a technology services firm based in Louisville, KY. Philanthropy, social responsibility, and community outreach are integral to GlowTouch’s philosophy.

Vidya Ravichandran, President of GlowTouch, is a strong advocate of rigorous education and is committed to boosting the quality of education as a parent and community leader. As a parent, she knows that attempting to remember all school activity history when the time comes to fill out college or job applications is a pain. Student Activity Tracker was created to save families the time and hassle of keeping track of every school activity. Join Student Activity Tracker to make this experience simple and enjoyable!

“Student Activity Tracker is your best friend during the college application process. “

— Colleen M., Yale University Class of 2017

“With Student Activity Tracker, it’s never been easier to share my kids’ achievements with family and friends. “

— Carol M., Mother of 8 and 6 year olds

“Student Activity Tracker is the golden ticket to college admissions! “

— Ken J., Father of 18 and 15 year olds

“I only wish Student Activity Tracker existed back then so I could have stored the information online and then ensuing hassle would’ve been much easier. “

— Saran M., Yale University Class of 2018