Always Have Backup

      Exhausted, I closed the door to my house behind me after a long day of school during the fall of my senior year of high school. My mother usually worked late into the evening and so I was always on my own after class. As I glanced up from the doorway, I noticed there were several lights on in the house. Maybe mom had come home early? Confused, I took a step into the living room; there was a harsh crunch beneath my shoe. Pieces of glass littered the carpet and shone brightly. It finally dawned on me that an unwelcomed guest had entered our home by smashing in our sliding door. After running outside, calling 911, and scouring the ransacked rooms, it was clear we had been robbed. The intruders took everything from electronics to jewelry to social security cards.

      The timing of this crime was unfortunate; I was applying to several colleges. Most of my information including resumes, awards, and essays were in the hard drive of my stolen desktop computer. I began to imagine what others feel and lose when their house burns down and how I would’ve lost the physical copies of my absent as well. I only wish Student Activity Tracker existed back then so I could have stored the information online and the ensuing hassle would’ve been much easier. In the same way the police officers who came to help me in time of need brought backup, I should have brought backup for all of my achievements. My information could have been safe online and I could be sure I didn’t forget any tidbits of my life, all while building the strongest resume possible. I hope others take advantage of Student Activity Tracker now since I didn’t have the chance then.

— Saran Morgan, Yale University Class of 2018

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